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      Target: We are stick to faith and focus on high quality.

      Mission: We are committed to improve China manufacturing standing in the world.

      Vision: To build a enterprise that employee feel pride and respected by society.

      • Our Value
      • Customer: Coexist, double-win and development
      • Team: Team working, hard working
      • Code: Standardize conduct, build culture
      • Thanksgiving: Thanks for giving everything around us
      • Accountability: Take accountability for ourselves, enterprise and society
      • Standard: Put first as our eternal target
      • Our core philosophy
      • Production philosophy: high quality, efficiency and service
      • Development philosophy: continuous innovation
      • Management philosophy: Talent first and keep pace with times
      • Sales philosophy: Develop market, exceed competitor
      • Work philosophy: Prioritize implementation , assess performance result
      • Life philosophy: Product like human-being quality, quality is equal to conscience
      • Hiring philosophy: excellent talent is asset while colorless employee is debt.
      • Compensation philosophy: more pay for more work and based on performance
      • Promotion philosophy: Integrity first, fair and justice
      • Achievement philosophy: Excellent employee exceed target and super-employee makes miracle

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